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Greetings, fellow Belgium lovers! Welcome to Crazy About Belgium, your number one website for learning more and getting ready to visit this amazing country. Crazy About Belgium has been made possible by all our passionate contributors, so we would like to take a moment to highlight and appreciate the work of our partners, from the News section that is constantly growing, to those behind the computers and phone lines who run all the research for our visitors. Without them, Crazy Without Belgium wouldn't have become more than a simple web portal with little to nothing to offer.

With all these historic and cultural trends that place "classic" European destinations such as France and Italy on top of the tourism rankings, we are here to remind the world of an amazing country that has been quite forgotten, and it shouldn't be so. We who know this land and have seen its wonders, understand that everyone should be aware of the unique charm of this country. We couldn't hold ourselves back anymore, we had so much to share with the world. And that is how Crazy About Belgium was born.

If you truly love Belgium, this is your chance to show it to the world. Read our articles and request more information through our contact form. Spread the word and show our content to your family and friends. Everyone should see the amazing things that Belgium has to offer. One day, we are sure, people will remember and appreciate this beautiful country for what it is.

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Of course, just admiring a country from afar and watching some pics and videos isn't enough and doesn't make that country any justice at all. You have never seen Belgium until you have been to Belgium. And we are here to help you get there in the best way possible!

We've gathered tons of reliable information about activities, trips and accommodation for all travelers who want to give this country a chance. Browse our News section to find out more about the best apartment rentals, hotels & hostels, day and night activities, and must-dos of all main areas of Belgium!

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